Our Experiences

To give you an idea of our experience, we have set out below some examples of corporate and commercial legal services that we have provided to our clients:

  • Representation of a public listed Malaysian company in the acquisition of majority shares of Indonesian plantation companies, followed by project financing of US$64,000,000 and Malaysian Securities Commission compliance (acquisition, legal due diligence, joint venture, foreign investment, and project financing).
  • Advising on complex cross-border corporate reorganization between a Singaporean company (wind-up) and two major Indonesian companies.
  • Representation of a Malaysian entrepreneur who planned to invest in a real estate housing project in Karawang, Indonesia.
  • Advising a Singaporean private investment company regarding SG$10,000,000 financing to a Singaporean company whereby the guarantor for the said financing is an Indonesian individual and an Indonesian mining company.
  • Advising an e-commerce start-up company in relation to employment matters, transaction, and preparation of on-line agreements.
  • Advising a Philippines company relating to acquisition of an Indonesian health equipment trading company.
  • Advising a foreign-owned Information Technology company regarding a service agreement with a major Indonesian bank.
  • Advising a Malaysian entrepreneur in the acquisition of two Indonesian coal mining company with transaction value US$26,500,000.
  • Representation of an Indonesian conglomerate group in relation to preparation of a group of company's reorganization and reverse takeover with a Singaporean public listed company.
  • Representation of a Malaysian entrepreneur who planned to finance an Indonesian company for a Steam Coal IPP Project in Indonesia. We ask our client to cancel the transaction due to abnormality regarding the Indonesian company's legal document.
  • Advising a Singaporean bank regarding US$2,700,000 financing to a Singaporean company whereby the guarantor for the said financing is an Indonesian individual.
  • Advising an Indonesian media and entertainment company in day-to-day general corporate & business law advisory.
  • Advising an international NGO regarding termination of its employee in Indonesia.
  • Advising entrepreneurs and foreign companies on foreign investment companies incorporation in Indonesia.
  • Advising various foreign companies in preparing, drafting, or reviewing loan agreements and security documents.

Our Services

Our law firm focuses on corporate and commercial law.


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