Taji Mahara Sianturi

Founder & Principal
Taji M. Sianturi

Mr. Taji M. Sianturi is the founder and principal of TAJI & REKAN. He established the firm with a clear mission to provide a first class law practice for clients looking for assistance and legal solution anywhere in Indonesia.

He has been working within the law industries since 2004 and obtained his advocate license on 2007. He has served numerous clients such as foreign companies, multinational corporations, international NGOs, local companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Mr. Taji also has extensive experience in commercial litigation and disputes resolution. However, since 2018, he focuses on corporate and commercial law matters in order to bring the best legal protection for clients who are doing business or closing a transaction in Indonesia.

Mr. Taji's experience in commercial litigation world has sharpened his legal instinct and know-how and he will bring his extensive experience in commercial litigation to the firm's corporate and commercial law practice areas.

He also has experience as an in-house legal counsel in a Plantation, Real Estate & Property Group of Companies and Affiliates (more than 30 active companies) in handling corporate and commercial legal matters of the Group.

Mr. Taji as the leader of the firm is committed above all to provide superior service to all TAJI's clients. He is determined to bring results on the table.

The foundation that Mr. Taji has developed is to ascertain that our clients will always be treated with respect and deference.

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