About Us

TAJI & REKAN ("TNR") is a full service Indonesian law firm with the mindset to provide first class legal service to clients anywhere in Indonesia.

Our aim is to make sure that our clients will get what they want and need. In doing that, we will collaborate our knowledge and experience with the firm's best practice guidance.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as an intelligent, principled, and honest law firm in Indonesia. We like to think that is why so many of our clients have remained so loyal for so many years. Building strong and substantial client relationships was and remains the prime focus for TNR's business strategy and future developments.

International Affiliations

TNR maintain contacts with international or foreign law firms whose clients having business or in need of legal services in Indonesia. This legal network is established to provide legal service excellence for foreign clients doing business in Indonesia or Indonesian clients doing business outside Indonesia.

TNR also have been considered as one of Indonesian recommended law firm by Global Law Experts and contributor to the World Bank Doing Business Project 2014.


We have more than 12 years of experience practicing law in Indonesia. We are confident that we have the expertise, know-how, and practical approach in performing first class legal service, providing solutions and meeting clients expectations.

One of our strength lies in our commitment to apply fixed fee pricing arrangement to accommodate clients who are interested in a fee structure other than standard hourly billing or simply "NO HOURLY BILL". This is because we recognizes the importance of affordability. We have established our system and developed ways to cut down costs incurred without compromising our quality legal service.

Regular contact with our firms's Managing Partner will facilitate good communication with the clients. Our firm’s philosophy is centered on building solid and substantial client relationships and communicating with clients to learn about their needs, and answering their concerns.

Client service is the principal goal in our law firm. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.

Courage in representing our clients in dangerous and sometimes individually threatening situations. Our lawyers also multi-specialists, equipped to handle a broad range of Indonesian law issues.

We are an independent Indonesian law firm. We take pride on our oath as Indonesian attorneys and our commitment to uphold the attorney code of ethics.

Our legal professionals are committed to bring results, provide solutions, and meet clients' expectations.

Our Practice Areas

We have structured our practice into four (4) broad spectrum of practice groups. Each of practice group comprise of related legal services to the practice. Click the practice below for further explanation of our practice areas.

Business Law

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Family Law

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Few of Our Clients

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